Bogor Agricultural University Partner for the Development of Diploma IV Perdamaian Polytechnic Halmahera (Padamara)

Bogor Agricultural University is the partner for the development of  Diploma IV Politeknik Perdamaian Halmahera (Padamara), North Halmahera (Halut) in its reorganization process to increase its status from diploma III to IV. “Currently, North Halmahera regency in cooperation with Bogor Agricultural University is in the process for development of  its diploma program, in designing its master plan and  preparing proposal to change of its status to be state university,” said Director of Cooperation and International Programs of the University, Dr. Ir. Rinekso Soekmadi, MScF  in the Workshop on the Development Program of the Reorganization of  Diploma III to IV Padamara Polytechnic,  on Monday, 24 January 2011,  at IPB Campus Darmaga.

Limited support of human resources, budget, education facilities, licensing and accreditation for  new courses, as well as employee recruitment mechanism, are constraints  in Padamara development.

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